About Us

About Us

I am a writer. I have fond of writing articles and poems. I write articles, stories and poem whenever I get free. I have published one book online, which was written in the regional language. It was liked by number of people. I got Best wishes from Many People for this book. Many friends praise my book. They advised me that you should write articles to reach the people. I initiated this blog after accepting my friend's advice. I will try my best that I will write such a nice one so that blog readers get happy to read. people get good message from my articles. I will always write article for welfare people, society, country. I always like such article which are beneficial for all. I insure that every visitor read my articles always read. I always try to write current issue (Trending) then readers can got knowledge from my blog. Though I write this blog from my country but it is provide knowledge of World Level. I never write such articles which are against integrity & sovereignty of any country, any religious and any particular person or society. I never write meaningless articles. I never waste time of any reader so I always write meaningful. 

About Our Team

Four other members in our team as following :-

  1. Photographer :- One best photographer is in my team who provide fresh and unique images to us for our articles. He is very expert in his profession and very active for our team.
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  2. Proof Reader:- A proof reader is very important person of our team who correct all the mistakes of an article which is written by author.
  3. Social Media Adviser:- We have two social media advisors for contact new people daily. They are promotion our blog through social media marketing.

I hope that you always like my articles.